How it works? Privacy Secure Transmission Metaverse

Imagine your Time Capsule delivered to family or friends up to 0 years in the future!

With Time Capsule, share your Digital Life and Memories across the Ages.

Experience Time Capsule Now!

Preserving your Digital Life is easy with Time Capsule!

Fill Time Capsule with your precious photos, videos, and essential documents. Include a personal message to announce its arrival. Decide to whom and when your Time Capsule is to be delivered.

Encrypted. Secure. And completely safe from prying eyes. Just fill it up, set a date, and the magic of Time Capsule will handle the rest!

Mega private.

You’ve got the power.

and nobody else !

It's your data, so it's your choice.

You decide who has access to it, and who doesn't. No one can access, copy, or destroy your Time Capsule.

Hide your Time Capsule away from prying eyes.
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Government

I want the power!


Your time capsule.

Your digital life.

Forever secure.

Everything is preserved inside your tamper-proof Time Capsule.

No more worrying about the safety of your personal data : digital art, music, journals, financial information, medical history....

Experience Time Capsule Now!


Mind-blowing data transmission.

Set a date

Birthday. Holiday. Any Day.

Schedule the release of your Time Capsule for any Day you Choose.

Set a timer

Days. Months. Years.

Fill your Time Capsule. Set the timer. Your data transmits automatically once the timer runs out.

On demand

Now? why not?

Send your Time Capsule whenever you choose. Safe and secure, your data stays until you say Go!


on Consent

One Capsule, party approval.

Require Group Consensus before sending your files. Your Time Capsule waits until Everyone says Go!


To Infinity and Beyond!

Ensure your digital will is carried out.

Following your death, Time Capsule is delivered to whomever you've chosen. Your data lives on. Even when you don't.


Delivered right on time...

From $10 / capsule

For your peace of mind.



A nostalgic space where your photos hang on the wall. Your music plays. And your videos run on your Metaverse TV. All your media comes to life in your very own Time Capsule.

Relax and enjoy your special place. Or gift your Metaverse for someone special to enjoy.

Metaverse Time Capsule. Where all your data comes to life.

Soon available